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HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy

The importance of people to the global economy has never been greater than today. CEOs increasingly rate human resources issues among their top challenges and business priorities. Survey conducted by Kennedy Information research Group among companies proved that HR Consultancy took 20% (13 billion $) of market and it is growing year by year. To compete effectively, businesses need strategies for attracting, rewarding, retaining and motivating the best talent in their industry.

GDG Professionals’ consultants help companies solve some of their most complex people challenges. We work with clients to design incentive programs, develop investment strategies, and optimize organizational structures to improve business results. GDG Professionals is well equipped with industry-leading talent, proactive thought leadership and innovative solutions.

GDG Professionals offers clients the following services and consultations on:

  • Assessment of companies’ readiness for HRM and other changes
  • Advice in preparation of strategic plans and corresponding annual action plans for every department
  • Preparation of Roadmap to Strategic HR
  • Strategic HR and its connection to the Customer
  • Coach HR leaders to be Strategic Partners to the companies
  • Stimulatation of HR persons to transform from rigid administrators to Strategic Contributors
  • Audit of HR department
  • Preparation of HR Procedures: 

               - Empolyment and Recruitment 

               - Performance Evaluation (Appraisals)

               - Job evaluation (Grading)

               - Mentoring and coaching system

               - Training

               - Corporate Culture

               - Successor planing

  • Preparation of employee handbooks of corporate rules;
  • Conducting SWOT analysis of organizations;
  • 360° evaluation;
  • Career planning;
  • Motivation;
  • Employee loyalty and incentive programs;
  • Employee satisfaction survey;
  • Customer satisfaction survey;
  • Individual sustainable coaching for difficult-to-manage employees;
  • HR management documentation and legal advice;
  • Advice on HR management
  • Handling difficult employees (cases)


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